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Why Attorneys Love Mobile Time Entry

Posted by Gaby Isturiz on February 13, 2017 at 3:06 PM

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Valentine’s Day is upon us. You might find yourself wondering, “what do attorneys love?” We’ve got your answer - mobile time entry!

Our Customer Success team asked the top 100 timekeepers to submit a 30-second video answering the question “What do you love about iTimeKeep?” There were several key themes that emerged from our informal survey on our mobile time entry solution:

#1: Productivity & Revenue Potential

Although attorneys have been known to have a complicated relationship with technology, they  appreciate that mobile timekeeping allows them to retain more time and prevent the loss of time. In this 24/7 era of communications, attorneys are often subject to time leakage due to “invisible time,” the tasks that are completed on the go in small increments. Mobile timekeeping provides an easy way for attorneys to quickly log those calls that happen during the commute home or the back-and-forth client texting at the soccer field.

#2: Simplicity and Ease of Use

In order for contemporaneous time entry to be realistic, the mobile timekeeping solution needs to be easy to use in every way, from searching for cases to dictation and timers. It’s important to have a solution in place that was built for attorneys.

#3: Personal

Although mobile timekeeping falls into the “business” category of apps, there are many personal benefits that come about from using an app like iTimeKeep. When attorneys are able to eliminate the hours wasted on reconstructive time entry, they are able to spend their time in more meaningful ways, such as with family and friends.

See the video reel of what attorneys love about iTimeKeep here:



What do you love about mobile timekeeping? Conversely, what don’t you like about reconstructive time entry? Share your comments below.

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