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The Secret to Success: Hard Work (And Some Other Things Too)

Posted by Gaby Isturiz on April 22, 2015 at 8:51 AM


IMG_0863You might remember this time last year, when we broke from our normally legal-tech focused blog content to discuss the explosion of entrepreneurship at our alma mater, the University of Pittsburgh. Here’s what: we’re about to do it again.

However, let me say upfront that this blog post is not intended to be a “Hail to Pitt” victory dance. While yes, we are very proud Pantherpreneurs (Pitt Panthers + Entrepreneurs) at Bellefield, the reason that we are bringing you this post is that we shared in an experience within the Pitt community earlier this month which we feel is both meaningful and relevant to the legal tech community.

It’s about success and failure, but perhaps even more so, everything that happens between the two.

Let me catch you up. each year, the University of Pittsburgh holds The Randall Family Big Idea Competition to “be an experience-based learning opportunity for Pitt students interested in finding a big idea and discovering how to take it to the next steps towards start-up creation.”

This year’s Randall Family Big Idea Competition, now in its 7th year, offered students the opportunity to win cash prizes totalling $100,000, thanks to the generous support of the Randall Family. We were thrilled to participate as judges in the early rounds of the competition and as mentors for two of the finalist teams - Ettorneys and Trellis, respectively.

The Awards Showcase took place earlier this month, and while there was much excitement in the air surrounding the winners announcement, there was wisdom too. During his opening address representing the Randall Family, Bob Randall shared his advice on finding success. There were four key points discussed by Randall, which we think are important whether you are doing a startup, practicing law or working on the business side of legal. In fact, no matter which industry you are in, Randall’s principles for success hold weight. Join us as we elaborate on what each of Randall’s components to success mean to us:

#1: Passion.

Our work lives are filled with ups and downs. Passion is what drives you to persist through tough times and change the world at your best times. Passion alone will not build a successful company or career, however we’ve yet to see success without it.

#2: Respect for others.

There is no success without people that support you and provide opportunities for you to learn, grow and thrive. In addition, as the old adage goes, “there is no ‘I’ in team.” It couldn’t be more true that success is a team sport and that the foundation of a successful working relationship is built on one thing: respect.

#3: Integrity.

Do the right thing, always. Failing to practice integrity and adhere to a strong set of values will haunt you in your career and in life.

#4: Hard work.

There is no substitute for the grind. Consistent hard work pays off over time. Every time.

Finally, please join us as we congratulate the teams, which we coached in this year’s competition

Trellis, 4th Place


Trellis provides legal and business services to non-profits, businesses, and citizens devoted to urban agriculture and ecological development in order to realize a more sustainable and food secure Pittsburgh.

What their video: Trellis Reduces the Barriers to Accessing Legal Services 


Ettorney, Finalist

Ettorney provides a subscription-based service to connect individuals in need of legal services with the right attorneys based on their needs.

It was our absolute pleasure to work with these teams comprised of the future innovators in legal technology!

What do you think about Bob Randall’s key components to success? Share your comments below.

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