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The Role of Customer Success in Driving Engagement

Posted by Gaby Isturiz on June 7, 2015 at 8:12 AM


customer-service-agent-traitsWe discuss the topic of technology engagement quite often on this blog.

Almost all firms struggle or have struggled with technology engagement at some point in time. Although top firms have proven high levels of technology engagement are possible with the right approach, the idea of technology engagement remains mysterious and far-fetched to most firms.

When it comes to engagement, we tend to focus on one or more of the following:

  • The rollout of the technology

  • Choosing the right solution that attorneys will love

  • How to present the solution to attorneys (the sales pitch)

What you may not realize is the critical role that customer success plays in the process. Customer Success Managers (CSMs) serve as the “voice of the customer” in the vendor-customer relationship. The CSM works on an ongoing basis to maintain customer satisfaction and maximize user adoption. Customer success is the linchpin for technology engagement.

To prove our point, here are three reasons that customer success helps firms drive technology engagement within the modern law firm:

#1: Engagement is not support.

It’s important to draw the line between Customer Service and Customer Success. Customer Service is a reactive approach designed to respond to issues and problems. By definition, this means that you will not interact with the vendor’s support representative unless something is going wrong, have an issue or simply a question. In this case, the customer is only important when it becomes the “squeaky door needing oil.

Customer Success, on the other hand, is a proactive approach that is meant to “partner” vendors with customers in order to create and deliver on a strategy that will allow the customer to achieve the goals that were desired in purchasing the vendor solution. After all, the best vendors realize that Customer Success and Vendor Success is one in the same. In other words, for vendors, customer success translates in the ability for customers to achieve and exceed their goals when implementing and rolling out a solution. For customers, customer success means having access to a solid roadmap to improve user engagement, achieve better utilization, and increase efficiencies.

#2: Your firm’s Engagement DNA is unique.

Driving a successful engagement strategy is hard and more often that not, underrated. While there are certain principles and strategies that have proven to drive engagement in law firms, each firm and the individuals that comprise it is unique. Therefore, there may be unconventional or untapped opportunities to drive engagement that exist within your organization. The role of a Customer Success Manager (CSM ) is critical and should be directed to understanding and working closely with the client  to uncover these opportunities and ensure that widespread technology adoption is maximized in a measurable way.

#3: Customer Success is key to building solutions that law firms want to use.

The CSM is the ambassador for the client. One foundational aspect of technology adoption is the ability of the solution to meet the user’s needs in the simplest way possible. While working hand in hand with a CSM, firms can suggest and uncover opportunities for improvement in the solution, giving the vendor better information on how to best serve the customers. For vendors without a customer success program in place, there is often a disconnect between the needs of the attorneys and law firm users in general, and the benefits provided by the technology. The customer-vendor partnership, which is represented by the CSM ensures that the technology meets the needs of the end user, thus setting the stage for ongoing adoption and engagement.

The points above represent just a few of the reasons why customer success is so important to the vendor-customer relationship, but there are many more. Have you worked with a CSM to drive technology engagement within your firm? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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