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Security, Up High and Down Low: Who Hears Your Voice-To-Text Recordings?

Posted by John Kuntz on January 26, 2016 at 12:58 PM

In our latest contribution to the ILTA Peer to Peer Magazine, we address the important topic of privacy, as it relates to voice-to-text technology. 

Screen_Shot_2016-01-26_at_12.43.12_PM.pngDictation is nothing new for attorneys, but voice-to-text technologies such as Siri have opened new avenues for attorneys and their mobile devices. Attorneys routinely enter time, record and transcribe case notes, delegate tasks, and maintain client and other correspondence via the voice-to-text technologies on their mobile devices. In this age of digital vulnerability, could Siri and its voice-powered pals be sharing sensitive case information with the Internet at large?

In an Esquire article titled “Siri is Definitely Sharing Your Data with Third Parties,” a Reddit user called Fallenmyst claimed that during her former tenure as an employee of a third-party data mining company, she had access to voice recordings from Apple and Samsung devices generated by the voice-to-text function. Fallenmyst said she was sharing this information to educate the public, warning that information shared through functions like Siri are not necessarily “for your device only.” Mobile users’ data might not be as personal or private as one might assume.

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