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Reflections on 2015: The Many Facets of “Engagement” at Bellefield

Posted by Gaby Isturiz on December 17, 2015 at 9:52 AM

44777210_s.jpgThe world's most innovative companies are not corporations driven by profit, but movements driven by a cause.” - Alexander Den Heijer

If you’ve been following this blog over the past few years, you know that we typically end the year on a note of reflection. As such, it has become apparent to me that each year at Bellefield has carried with it a certain theme.

In 2013, the theme was innovation, as we began to empower attorneys to work the way that they want to work, regardless of location or device. We introduced the importance of contemporaneous timekeeping and why the time entry “velocity” matters.In 2014, it was culture: building a team that would enable us to serve our customers in a manner that would drive success.

This year? You guessed it: engagement. While we started out the year focusing on engaging attorneys in mobile time entry through the iTimeKeep Engagement Program, we found that the theme of engagement has transcended iTimeKeep usage and become significant to us in many ways.

We engaged with the legal community, building relationships to have important discussions about legal technology’s past, present, and future.

We continued to build an engaged team by investing in our culture.

We engaged in conversations about the future of legal tech, solving tomorrow’s challenges today with the latest release of iTimeKeep.

We developed the first-of-its-kind mobile timekeeping app for the Apple Watch, making it easier than ever before for attorneys to engage in mobile timekeeping.

The results of all of this engagement has been profound and humbling. For the third consecutive year, iTimeKeep was recognized in the ILTA Technology Survey as the #1 Mobile Timekeeping Solution for Attorneys. What’s more, we were honored by our local and industry communities in several ways:

  • Pittsburgh Business Times – Business Women First Award Honoree
  • Pittsburgh Tech Council – Tech50 Award Finalist as CEO and Product of the Year
  • Pittsburgh Business Times – Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies:  Ranked #2 in the Technology category; and ranked the 5th overall fastest growing company in Pittsburgh
  • Pittsburgh Business Times – Coolest Office Space
  • Monica Bay STEM Leadership Award – Finalist
  • Smart 50 Awards – Honoree
  • Law Technology Today – iTimeKeep recognized as being one of the top 10 mobile apps to simplify life for attorneys
  • The Cyber Advocate – iTimeKeep recognized as one of the “6 Excellent Timekeeping Apps for Lawyers” – ranking #1

We couldn’t be more proud. But, we’re not done yet. We are now more motivated, inspired, and of course engaged in continuing to redefine legal technology. We look forward to what the future holds, and of course, in working with you.

Happy Holidays from the Team at Bellefield! We look forward to working with you in 2016!

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