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One Experience: Why the Desktop vs Mobile Debate is Over

Posted by Gaby Isturiz on April 5, 2019 at 4:25 PM


We’re all busy people, simply looking to do the things that we need or want to do - and that’s why we no longer have time for the mobile vs. desktop debate.

Let me explain.

The consumer experience, which most of us live out each day through a variety of services like Netflix and Amazon, demands that we have the ability to do what we need or want to do in the simplest, easiest and most efficient way possible - regardless of device. If you need to order something on Amazon, you might open the app while you are sitting at your child’s hockey game, at your desk between meetings or even in the middle of the night when you are having trouble falling asleep. Either way, it‘s the same process: find the item, click to order and get it on your doorstep two days later. Netflix works the same way. When you want to watch something, you watch it - whether you are in your living room, bedroom, on public transit commuting to the office, etc. Regardless of device, location or time, you are enabled to do what you need or want to do with little effort.

That’s how it should be - and we are so accustomed to it in this day and age, that we take it for granted. Until, that is, that we consider the apps that we use professionally. Then, for some reason, all bets are off, which of course makes no sense.

Apps for professional use in business and legal are falling short on One Experience: the ability to carry out a function, anywhere, anytime and on any device. This is completely out of alignment with the way that we work - always on the go, in a 24/7 world. Attorneys, for example, can be working on a case on the sidelines of a soccer field where their children are competing over the weekends, while on the way to the courthouse, or on the commute home (or in many other settings or scenarios). Since time entry is a function, much like checking email or watching Netflix, that function should be done using the device you have in your hand at any given point in time (mobile, desktop, watch, etc.) and should yield the same great experience, regardless. It’s that simple. To think that there are solutions in use in this market that do not provide a consistent functionality from mobile to desktop is ridiculous. No wonder attorneys get frustrated with technology!

At Bellefield we are solely committed to creating that One Experience and making it the best experience! We’ve addressed this in several different ways in past blog posts, in terms of legacy solutions, security and SaaS. In a future blog, we will discuss why other solutions do not provide this, and why it is so hard to do it well.

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