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Law Firm Mobility: Only Three Chances to Get it Right

Posted by Daniel Garcia on April 23, 2014 at 3:18 PM

Mobility is like baseball:  three strikes and you're out!

11720528_sIn a recent blog post, we talked about some of the common misconceptions that exist around mobility, particularly the idea that mobility begins and ends with an app. We discussed how mobility demands that you turn your IT department into a 24x7 operation with global reach, developing an expertise with thousands of devices or else your firm will fail to achieve true anytime, anywhere, and from any device productivity.

Making this transformation is not easy, and the worst news is that you only have three chances to win with mobility before you and your firm are out of the game all together. Here is what will happen when your attorneys cannot get their work done because you gave them "just an app" that did not work anytime, or anywhere, or on any device.

Strike 1: Your credibility suffers.

The first time an attorney finds a problem with your App, they will expect support. If there is nobody to help them immediately, they will be very upset with your IT Department. They trusted you and your App. They left their laptop at the office thinking they could get the work done. But they could not, and when they called you for help you could not help them. Strike 1.

Strike 2: Attorneys will stop using the App.

The second time this happens, attorneys will simply stop using the App. They have no time to waste and no patience for incompetence. They will go back to doing things in whichever ways they were doing them before you gave them this App. And you will have wasted whatever time, money, and effort your IT department spent on the App in the first place. Strike 2.

Strike 3: You will miss out on the most important revolution of our time.

The mobility revolution is changing many things. One of the most often overlooked changes is that attorneys, for the first time in decades, are actually open to trying new things. After years of being given software that is complex and gets in their way, attorneys are looking at mobile apps as something that actually may help them become more productive anytime, anywhere, and from any device. Attorneys actually want to give mobility the benefit of the doubt. They are willing to test new technology in hopes that it might benefit them. It is not that attorneys are technophobes, many of them (about 91%) already have smart phones. But if the Apps you give them fail and you are not there to help them, they will lose faith rather quickly. And, soon attorneys will turn their back at you and at mobility altogether. Strike 3. 

Your firm cannot afford strike 3, so make sure you can commit to anytime, anywhere mobile productivity - not just an App.



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