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How Time Entry As a Service (TEaaS) is Transforming Legal Tech

Posted by Gaby Isturiz on December 15, 2014 at 5:09 PM

27355618_sTechnologically speaking, the legal industry has made major strides over the last decade. In general, this is a good thing; however, the rapid adoption of mobile and cloud technologies have left firms struggling with a new problem: unprecedented complexity. 

The world is moving toward the “as a Service Model (aaS)” from Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), all the way to Marketing as a Service and Music as a Service. The aaS model goes beyond how we pay for software and the subscription model. It’s about the cost of ownership and converting that to a predictable outcome.

In his article “Time To Change The Lens: Media As A Service Pioneers,” author Mika Salmi former President of Global Digital Media at Viacom, argues that the software industry’s transition to a SaaS model shapes the future that lies ahead. “Shipping or downloading a static physical or digital product is a dying business. Pioneers such as, and now Google with their office apps, are showing how a “product” is not a discrete thing. Rather, it’s an ongoing relationship with continuous updates and two-way communication with customers and even between customers.”

At Bellefield, we pioneered the Time Entry As a Service model in order to maximize the benefits of mobility to firms, while minimizing the burden to its users. We strongly believe that this model is the future of the vendor-firm relationship. This is a very different approach than what the legal industry has historically embraced. Keep reading to learn more about how TEaaS is transforming legal technology.

What is Time Entry As a Service (TEaaS)?

You might be familiar with the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, where a centrally-hosted software solution is offered on a subscription basis and maintenance and upgrades are managed by the vendor. Time Entry As a Service (TEaaS) takes a similar approach. With TEaaS, the vendor licenses access to the technology of the law firm, but maintains responsibilities for support, security, upgrades and implementation. The TEaaS model is based on the premise of a strong vendor-customer relationship, therefore, an integral piece is customer success. The TEaaS model allows firms and their users to be up and running in few hours without taxing the resources of the law firm with costly hardware and software and complex implementations. In addition to that, TEaaS is associated with exceptional customer service and one way to achieve this is by assigning a customer success manager on behalf of the vendor to help the customer manage everything from implementation, roll-out and ongoing adoption.

Why the Modern Law Firm Needs TEaaS

  • TEaaS is user focused. That means that the technology must be easy-to-use (for attorneys), easy-to-implement (for IT) and seamlessly integrated (for administrators).
  • TEaaS ensures true mobility, providing support and management that allows for the solution to be used anytime, anywhere on any device 24/7/365.
  • TEaaS is predictable. Unlike traditional solutions that are known to cost more, take more time and demand more resources than initially expected, the TEaaS model demands that there are no hidden costs, yearly support or maintenance for the law firm to incur. 
  • Mobile and cloud technologies are changing at a rapid pace. With TEaaS, vendors need to continually innovate so that law firms have access to the latest technology, without having to continually replace obsolete solutions.
  • TEaaS is scalable, making it easy to accommodate growth and set-up new users instantly.
  • Today’s law firms are increasingly adopting BYOD policies, which means that attorneys are using several different devices to enter their time. For IT, this is a potential support nightmare. However, TEaaS successfully removes any barriers that may exist between the attorneys and their devices, providing the same experience regardless of whether time is entered on an iPhone, iPad, Android or web browser.

The TEaaS model is constructed to be laser focused on the things that matter to the modern law firm: encouraging contemporaneous time entry and making it as simple as possible for everyone involved. TEaaS accomplishes this by developing software that attorneys want to use, investing heavily in research & development, providing world-class support for every user, and constantly working with law firms to ensure success at every stage of adoption and use. 

TEaaS is about a real-time service infrastructure and culture that can interact and respond to the needs, interests and dynamics of law professionals.

Have you implemented any “as a Service (aaS)” model at your firm and what are your thoughts on the TEaaS model? Share your experience in the comments section below. 

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