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How a Culture of Innovation Led to One of the Best Moments at ILTACON 2018

Posted by Gaby Isturiz on August 27, 2018 at 9:11 AM


At Bellefield, we pride ourselves on having built a culture of innovation. We’ve talked about it extensively in our blogs: here, here and here.

As a Founder, one of the proudest moments I’ve had in showcasing what we have built at Bellefield, was this year at ILTACON. Not only did we introduce the legal community to a new solution to help firms manage OCG and Billing compliance, but we also provided a first-of-its-kind timekeeping-themed virtual reality (VR) experience for ILTACON attendees.

As you might expect from a technology company like ours, our team is fascinated by the range of emerging technologies that are becoming part of our world. At the company’s holiday party last year, we brought in a VR rig for the team to enjoy as part of the entertainment. Everyone had a great time, but it quickly became more than a fun bonding experience.

Craig Anderson, Senior QA Engineer and Front End Specialist at Bellefield, was struck with inspiration. “We should do something with this,” he thought. The question remained “but, what would we do?” In the months that followed, Craig continued to explore VR on his own time and decided to start a project based on the Bellefield office environment.

Craig’s game, Time Blaster, features various clocks appearing within Bellefield’s offices (at their exact scale, by the way) that requires players to “blast the clocks” with Nerf guns before they disappear. On the premise of the game, Craig said “As a company, we emphasize the idea of preventing time from getting away from us, so it was natural to lend itself to the idea of clocks being blasted so that time doesn’t ‘tick away.’”

See Time Blaster in Action Here:




Craig credits the success of the game to interaction with the Bellefield team, who tested and provided feedback on the game in order to create a fun and quick experience for Bellefield employees, friends and partners.

If you had a chance to stop by our booth during the opening reception or met with our team of experts, you might have experienced Time Blaster. I hope you enjoyed it. If you are looking for real-world ways to stop time from “ticking away,” here are a few of our best resources:

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See you next year at ILTACON 2019!

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