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Global Law Firm Harnessed the Competitive Nature of Attorneys to Achieve Firm-Wide Mobile Time Entry Adoption

Posted by Gaby Isturiz on March 18, 2015 at 2:49 PM

20784919_s1Indianapolis-based law firm, Krieg DeVault, leverages attorney competitiveness to drive timekeeping accuracy and compliance.

Mostly every law firm is faced by the challenges that come along with new technology adoption. When new technology lands in the hands of busy attorneys, it is often met with resistance. Why? The reason is surprisingly simple: new technology initiates a change in habit.

Understanding the connection between technology adoption and habit, Krieg DeVault took a creative approach to encourage attorneys to develop new time entry habits. The firm’s CIO, George Smith, launched an incentive program to maximize mobile time entry adoption at Krieg Devault.

The Power of Incentives in Driving Attorney Technology Adoption 

Why bother with incentives? Smith believed that positive reinforcement has the potential to drive positive change in habit. According to recent research, he is right: small positive interventions create sustainable, long-term change at work. 

Krieg DeVault’s first attempt to engage attorneys commenced in June 2014, offering incentives to winners in multiple categories. The incentive program was structured to encourage usage among both new and existing users at the firm.

For Attorneys, The Real Reward is Priceless

You might be thinking “wow, Krieg DeVault must have offered high-ticket prizes to get attorneys involved.” Not so fast. Winners were awarded $25 gift cards to Starbucks Coffee, a relatively small prize considering the earning power of the average attorney. However, Smith knew that it wasn’t the prize that would motivate attorneys, but rather the recognition and the ability to say “I’m the winner.”

The contest was promoted to the firm via email. Soon after the contest was announced, buzz began to circulate around the firm. Attorneys talked amongst themselves about the competition, proclaiming their intentions to win.

What Happened Next Is Most Important

The end-of-month results were astounding:

  • The firm’s users increased by 233%, as a result of the program.

  • The total hours entered via mobile time entry increased by 434% in just one month.

  • One of the firm’s partners, who had used mobile time entry to enter an average of four hours per month prior to the contest, was so determined to win that he entered 130 hours during the contest period.

The results were announced via email, as public recognition was part of the reward. Since lasting change was the ultimate objective of the engagement program, it is important to recognize that the benefits lasted beyond the initial contest period. “The real success of the program was evident in July, when attorneys continued entering their own time without the motivation of a contest or promotion,” said Smith.

Read the full case study and learn more about how Krieg DeVault used incentives to drive firm-wide mobile timekeeping adoption, including more details on the specific incentives used in this program.

What do you think about tapping into the competitive nature of attorneys to drive results at the firm? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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