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Big Idea Competition: Meet the Next Generation of Innovators

Posted by Gaby Isturiz on April 15, 2014 at 12:00 PM

The nature of this blog post is a bit personal for the Bellefield founders. However, in the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, two things that have allowed us to bring you solutions for the legal industry at Bellefield and our previous company eBillingHub, we’d like to share some news! flippo2

As many of you are aware, we are proud graduates of the University of Pittsburgh. In fact, Bellefield is named after one of the main streets that runs through campus. Over the past few months, we had the opportunity to mentor a group of students who were taking part in The 2014 Randall Family Big Idea Competition. During the “big idea” competition, several groups of students pitch their ideas and compete for cash prizes that can be used to fund their ventures. 

Our team, Flippo, is working on an app that offers peer-to-peer services on college campuses. It’s like a Flyp or Uber for universities. You can check out their website at flippoapp.comimage001-1

Last Thursday, the final round of the competition took place, which included live pitches to a panel of judges. The competitors, which spanned across several industries and types of technologies, were very impressive. It was a proud moment for Bellefield to see so many innovative ideas and feel the passion coming from our Alma mater.

After a round of deliberations and score tallying, the results were in - and Flippo placed 2nd, taking home $4,500 to use toward their startup. We’re so incredibly proud of the Flippo team, who dedicated many, many hours of hard work toward their idea. Congratulations to team Flippo:

  • Alec Davis flippo1
  • Branden Karnell
  • Brandon Chu
  • Rob Narayana
  • George Lejnine
  • TJ Collanto
  • Amit Shimshi 




Check out this video to learn more about Flippo App. Flippo App is available in the App Store.

How Flippo Works from TJ Collanto on Vimeo.

Please join Bellefield in congratulating this next generation of entrepreneurs at the University of Pittsburgh!