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Timekeeping Doesn’t Have to Be a Dirty Word

Posted by Gaby Isturiz on October 12, 2016 at 12:08 PM

Dirty_Word_Blog.pngTimekeeping has long been a sore subject for attorneys. After all, many attorneys see timekeeping as a necessary evil, a means to an end, or a process that is inefficient, painful and downright annoying.

Of course, we know that timekeeping is important. That doesn’t make it any more bearable, does it? Is there anything that does?

Well, yes, you might have guessed - and we are going to discuss it in this post. Timekeeping does not have to be the sigh-inducing process that most attorneys are accustomed to. The difference, we’ve found, is choosing the right tool.

We sat in on the session at ILTACON 2016 titled “Why TimeKeeping is Not a Dirty Word.” In this post, we’ll run down the must-have criteria for a mobile timekeeping app that takes the pain out of timekeeping for attorneys.

#1: Simplicity

Long gone is the era of “more is more” in software design. Busy attorneys need exactly what they need when they need it, nothing more, nothing less. Distractions in the app design or user experience add unwelcome noise to an attorney's day. Simplicity is a must.

#2: Minimal Training Needed

One of the best ways to get a technology launch off on the wrong foot is to tell attorneys that they will need to set aside a significant chunk of time to devote to training.  A timekeeping app should have low activation energy, meaning that minimal training and effort is required to start using the app. 

#3: Real-time Integration

The user experience is the key to any successful implementation. And that user experience must be in real-time. Attorneys should be able to access their clients, matters, codes, and all time entered in real time.

#4: Real-time Compliance

Know instantly if your time entry meets eBilling requirements. What good is entering time contemporaneously, only to have the time entered violate client guidelines.

#5: Ability to Understand your Data

Insight into your firm’s time entry habits can be transformative. Insights into your firm’s time entry performance can help you make better, faster and more strategic decisions. Before purchasing a mobile timekeeping solution, be sure that you will have access to a strong data set based on app usage and patterns.

#6: SaaS

The right solution is not technology alone. In order for timekeeping to work, it has to be delivered as a service, so that you can maximize engagement, encourage behavior, faster velocity, more revenue, and more accuracy.

#7: Value over Features

Ask yourself how the prospective mobile timekeeping app will bring value to your firm. Will it increase accuracy of time entries, reduce rejections, prevent time leakage?

It turns out that attorneys don’t mind timekeeping when they have the right app. The right app fits seamlessly into their process and avoids added frustration and complexities.

Which of the above criteria do you prioritize in selecting your firm’s mobile timekeeping app?

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