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The 5 Essential Elements of a Winning Time Entry Solution

Posted by Gaby Isturiz on December 27, 2016 at 8:00 AM


Did you know that your decision to implement a mobile time entry solution could impact virtually every aspect of the firm? One of the biggest mistakes firms make today is undervaluing the role of timekeeping in the overall success of the firm. Timekeeping effectiveness touches every function from
revenue generation to client happiness and attorney/staff productivity.

So, if you are part of the 73% of firms looking for a time entry solution or the 98% of firms that acknowledge that time leakage is a reality for your firm, this post is for you. If you’d like to increase the accuracy of your timecards and stop invisible time from slipping away, time entry should be a priority for your firm in the coming year.

Choose a Time Entry Solution that Delivers for your Firm.


Legacy software is not an option anymore. It takes months or even years to fully implement, turns your attorneys into walking security breaches, and is likely obsolete by the time it is ready for full use. Your firm deserves better. Here’s what you need to know in order to choose the right solution. 

#1: Simplicity is real and tangible.

Your firm’s timekeeping solution must be extremely simple for attorneys, otherwise they will not use it. Attorneys have been burned many times before by technology solutions promising to make their lives easier, only to do the opposite.

Choose a solution that:  

  • Requires minimal training (ideally 10 minutes or less).
  • Integrates seamlessly with the firm’s existing infrastructure in real time.
  • Is always reliable, offering 24-7 support.
  • Is easy-to-use, without complicated workarounds and processes.
  • Updates automatically, without draining internal IT resources.

#2: Security is taken seriously.

Security must be top priority for all firms in order to prevent data breaches. Law firms are now being sued for lax data security. Even without the occurrence of a breach, firms can now be subject to lawsuits by simply failing to follow the right security measures.

Choose a solution that:

  • Does not store data on devices - this is a must!
  • Utilizes touch id and 2-factor authentication.
  • Does not open ports in your firewall, introducing unnecessary vulnerabilities.
  • Provides encryption in-flight and at rest.
  • Does not require to open any ports in your firewall.
  • Works with “any” MDM (Mobile Device Management).

#3: It’s SaaS, not subscription.

Recognizing the trend toward SaaS adoption, many traditional vendors are adopting a subscription model of billing in order to capture some of the market. Beware of this, because without a true SaaS model, your firm will be without the benefits of offloading resource responsibility to the vendor, end user support, consistent upgrades included in your agreement and more.

Choose a solution that:

  • Requires long-term no commitments.
  • Offers no-nonsense pricing, where all features are included in the solution offering.
  • Does not charge for professional services.
  • Does not involve a long, resource-draining implementation process.
  • Offers a cloud solution - no software or hardware.
  • Allows you to choose your payment method and frequency.
  • Ensures your software and investment never gets obsolete, by providing enhancements and updates several times a year.

#4: Integrations are seamless and in real-time.

Almost every solution on the market will claim that it integrates with your firm’s time and billing system. However, the quality of the integration is important in selecting the best time entry app for your firm.

Choose a solution that:

  • Has no middle man. You already have a billing system, don’t need anything else.
  • Requires no uploads or downloads, from or to your firm’s billing system.
  • Clients, Matters, Codes, Rules and Validations - accessible to you in real time.
  • Uses a native app, not HTML5.

#5: It’s a “we’ve got your back” kind of partnership.

The best vendors understand that their success is your success and will partner with you to define and achieve your goals.

Choose a solution that:

  • Has a proactive customer success program in place, not just a place to file complaints.
  • Can demonstrate a stellar rollout and implementation.
  • A representative of the team to advocate for you as the customer.
  • Understands the importance of attorneys and users engagement as part of your success.
  • Is committed to innovation and helping your firm to exceeds your goals and expectations.

There you have it. If you use the criteria in this post, you’ll be able to distinguish between the vendor that will serve the best interests of your firm and those that will not deliver on your expectations.

Are there any criteria that you use when you are engaged in vendor selection? Share your comments below.

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