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Going Beyond the “An App is Just an App Mentality”: Understanding True Mobility

Posted by Gaby Isturiz on November 23, 2015 at 12:36 PM

This is an excerpt from our recently published guide titled “True Mobility for the Legal Enterprise.” Download the full guide here.

26735555_s.jpgLaw firms and organizations in general, recognize that mobility is not only a way to enhance productivity, to collaborate and communicate with clients from anytime and anyplace, but also a need  in a very competitive market. However, Mobility is becoming, more often than not, a reference for “Mobile Apps”.

Mobile apps are everywhere and they are now part of our everyday life and with almost 4 million apps in the leading app stores, that adagio of “there is an app for that” has become a reality and then some more. So it’s no wonder why Mobile Apps have monopolized the definition of mobility for both consumers and the enterprise.

The “An App is Just An App Mentality,” can become epidemic in the modern law firm. It is based on the belief that mobility is a simple checklist item. Phone? Check. Tablet? Check. App? Check. The problem with this approach is that it fails to connect the actions taken through the App to the systems and processes of the firm.

While some one-off apps can bring improvement as to how attorneys work, the true value of a mobile app occurs when it integrates with the firm’s processes and strategic planning initiatives.

Although the mobile app is a fundamental part of the firm’s mobile strategy, True Mobility in the legal enterprise is far more. The app makes or breaks the front-end user experience, therefore it is important for an app to be simple, easy to use, reliable and for it to work on any device.

True Mobility in legal enterprise is not only about the app and supported mobile devices, it is about the back-end integration with the firm’s existing systems.  True Mobility is about streamlining the firm’s processes to achieve productivity and efficiency while using smartphone technology to make it easier and more convenient.

The “An App is Just an App Mentality” fails to address the needs of the modern law firm.

Are you ready to go beyond the app to experience the benefits of true mobility at your firm? Read the full guide for free here.

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